“Oh, it’s an exciting life, to be sure. Wind and waves, a pocket full of gold, and a bit o’ pretty to keep you warm on shore.
Listen to any of the old dogs in this pub, and they’ll tell you about the time they outran a full armada with a belly full of ransom, or captured a boat full of Okeno courtesan slaves and set ’em free—eventually.
“What they don’t talk about is the rats, or the worms in your bread. The killing calms that leave a ship stranded with no land or fresh water in sight. The screams of the sailors you cut down, or the way they weep and foul themselves as they die. The way the whole ship stinks of unwashed sailors, and fear, and blood.
“Take my advice—stay home and tend bar. A pirate’s life isn’t fit for the honest. But then,
I’ve never been honest a day in my life.”
—“Jib” Halsgol, retired pirate

Sailin' on a Prayer

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