Sailin' on a Prayer

One after one after one.

after one after one

After sleeping and reconvening at the ship the crew is approached by Elias and is asked to meet with Jeremy at the Maiden Troll. While waiting for Jeremy the crew happened to stop a robbery that was taking place by wanted criminals, killing Ringo and successfully capturing Yolanda.

The crew waited half a day before giving up and decided to head back to the ship. On the way back to the ship the crew stumbled across a floating body of an unconscious Jeremy. Who spoke of being attacked by a Skum. The crew did not ask any more questions and went out searching for the Skum. After gathering information Cutty Flam set out all the sightings on a map and determined the next attack/sighting would occur at the Gold Goblin casino. Once at the casino Lynal learnt from the bouncer where the Skum was last sighted.

The crew headed for that location and found themselves in a fight with a Gillman riding on a Hippocampus. The two were killed and the hippocampus brought back to the ship for a feast. During the feast the crew were attacked by the Skum accompanied by several gillmen. The Skum tackled the Captain overboard resulting in Lynal getting knocked unconscious in an effort to rescue him. The crew mopped up the gillmen with no loss of life.


Archreact Whallan

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