Sailin' on a Prayer

Rescued the Captain

Jeremy regained consciousness and the crew asked him where the Skum and gillmen would likely take them. Jeremy did not know, but Vincent knew that Skum like living in damp underground places which resulted in Jeremy showing the crew the way to the sewers. Unfortunately for Jeremy he was impaled with a trident on the way to the sewers.

The crew made it into the sewers and stumbled across a cavern connected to the sewers with 3 passage ways. In the left passage way they found their Captain ties up naked to a wall with 2 gillmen and a skum in the vicinity. Cutty Flam crushed one of the gillmens heads in before pinning the other one down leaving the rest of the crew to deal with the Skum. The Gillman who was pinned down was briefly left alive for questioning.

The crew learnt that they took the Captain because he was a noble from Taldor. In the other hallways the crew found a pile of maps of every major city of the inner sea region, however these maps showed underground caverns an passageways. The map of Riddleport was taken to Elias Tammerhawk to try and get some money out of it.


Archreact Whallan

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